De Novode novo

Who we are:  In a nutshell we spend our days helping others get unstuck, find their career mojo, maximise their potential and opportunities, or ensure they back themselves to be the best they can be. We are an energised, authentic team with a wealth of credibility for what we do. We live by one of our favourite quotes - “don’t just talk about it, BE about it”.

de novo employ state-of-the-art tools, such as 360°Reach Assessment, and tried and true techniques to provide the actionable insights people need to succeed. We offer 1:1 coaching, workshops, and customized strategies to enhance productivity, bring meaning to the workplace, and improve and expand your career or business and staff.

de novo offers customized career strategy, transition and leadership coaching, career reputation assessment, and specialist recruitment support. Our practical coaching program will help your employees strategically analyse and grow their personal brand in line with their career goals. We work across all industries and with people at different phases and stages of their career.

Examples of topics we may cover in 1:1 coaching

  • Planning next career move
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Strategies for making most of new leadership roles
  • Uncovering your career reputation
  • Communicating your value proposition
  • Developing career resilience
  • Bounce back after career disappointment
  • Interview technique
  • Enhancing personal insight
  • Identification of transferable skills
  • Navigating internal politics
  • Building and maintaining your network

de novo also provide facilitated workshop for organisations or professional groups. We cover a range of topics including - successfully navigating the world of work, career resilience, strategies for superstar executive assistants, strategies for successful recruitment and how to interview.  We understand that the unique elements of your organisation must be incorporated into any solution, and we will work with you to create a targeted programme with tangible results to meet your objectives.

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